Gendo and KODO!


Last weekend, Gendo Taiko had the honor of meeting KODO performer, Masayuki Sakamoto, before the KODO Mystery Tour performance in New York. It was an incredible performance and we are so grateful to have had this opportunity!

Thank you to Yoko Fujimoto, Yui Kawamoto, and our own Kota for arranging this meeting!

Gendo Welcomes Gen 11!


We’re so excited to welcome our new additions to the Gendo Family! Congratulations to Nicolina Mao (Brown ’18), Melissa Nakamoto (Brown ’18), Priscilla Ahn (Brown/RISD ’17), Tristan Hsu (RISD ’18), Eric Komatsu (Brown ’18), and CJ Ormita (RISD ’17)!!