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UPDATE: all the spots have been filled! Thank you for your support and interest!
We’re excited to announce we’re back with our annual Taiko Workshop Series this semester! If you missed our open fall workshops or want to dive deeper into the art of taiko, these workshops are for you!
Over the course of this 7-week series, with experienced teachers and personalized attention, workshop attendees will gain taiko fundamentals, learn a festival song, and even perform in a recital! See the poster below for information about dates and prices. Financial aid is available upon request.
These workshops are open to anyone—Brown/RISD students, college faculty, community members—and no experience is necessary to sign up! Enrollment space is VERY limited, so sign up soon! You can register by clicking the link HERE. If you have any questions or financial aid requests, please email
We can’t wait to see you there! Don kon doko~


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Fall Workshops 2019

Gendo Taiko is excited to announce our annual Fall Workshop Series! We are offering a set of 4 FREE workshops, open to anyone and everyone who is interested. No prior experience is necessary. We’ll be building a foundation in the basic Taiko form, learning a bit of history and culture and practicing a new song. So if you’re interested in learning more about Taiko, playing some cool rhythms or hitting some drums, then come on out, these workshops are for you!

If you want to audition for our group, feel free to come as well, we will have auditions once the workshop series has ended. If you have any questions about logistics or about Taiko in general, feel free to find us on Facebook or Instagram, or email us at:

Tuesday 9/10 • 8:00pm – 10:00pm
Thursday 9/12 • 10:00pm – 12:00pm
Sunday 9/15 • 8:30pm – 10:30pm
Tuesday 9/17 • 8:00pm – 10:00pm

Thursday 9/19 • 10:00pm

LOCATION: TF Green Hall, 7 Young Orchard Ave, Brown University

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Nadare – GRAVITY 2019

Watch the opening song of this year’s spring show, GRAVITY 2019

Composed by Marley Kirton, Brown U. ’17, Nadare (雪崩), or “avalanche”, tells the tale of the clash between two armies representing opposing human traits: precision and strategy versus strength and tenacity. The Odaiko and Fue embody the unmatched power and tranquility of nature itself, and together convey the song’s ultimate message: the futility of the human struggle in the face of mother nature.

Choreographed by Darius Diamond


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Brown/RISD’s one and only Japanese drumming group, Gendo Taiko, is excited to invite you to our annual Spring Show performance – GRAVITY

Taiko is a group performance art that combines traditional Japanese drumming with elements of martial arts, choreography and modern jazz. Join us for a night of captivating movements, resounding rhythms and fresh beats.

——-| TICKETS |——-


$5 Pre-Sale | $10 at the door


Gendo Taiko x Yamatai Collab: SUNDANCE

This past weekend we sent 14 of our members to the East Coast Taiko Conference (ECTC) hosted by Yamatai at Cornell University. We took dozens of workshops from Taiko experts in their respective fields and can’t wait to put what we’ve learned to good use in our upcoming Spring Show, April 12th and 13th!

We had the opportunity to perform at the ECTC concert and collaborated with Yamatai on a song called Sundance, written by a Yamatai alumnus Ben Pastel!

Enjoy this video of our performance:

Gendo Taiko x Yamatai – SUNDANCE @ ECTC 2019:



End of our Fall workshop series: Thank you!

We just finished our fall workshop series! Over the course of 7 weeks, Michael, Kathleen, Margaret, Wesley and Katrina learned beta Taiko fundamentals and Matsuri, a traditional Japanese festival song. We were really impressed with their form and musicality, so thank you to everyone who participated in our fall community workshops, and congratulations on your awesome performance!

A special thank you to Hayley and the other Gendo Members for helping out during workshops! If you have any questions about this workshop series, or future opportunities to try out Taiko, please email us at


Community Workshops


Missed our workshops? Want to delve deeper into the art of taiko?

We are excited to announce that we are back this year with our community workshops! For just $60, you can participate in our 7-week workshop series that offers an in-depth, personalized learning experience! Workshops will occur every Saturday from 4pm – 5pm, starting October 6th, and take place in TF Green Hall, Room 114 at Brown University.

These workshops are open to anyone interested – Brown/RISD, student/faculty, community members – and absolutely no experience is necessary to join! Enrollment is extremely limited, so sign up now! You can register by clicking the link HERE. If you have any questions or financial concerns, please contact

We look forward to seeing you!

Gendo Taiko Fall Workshops

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Gendo Taiko is hosting a series of workshops this fall! Come hit some drums with us, learn more about the art of Taiko and play some cool rhythms! No experience is necessary.
Open workshops are for anyone and everyone, and will be Tuesday Sept. 11th and Thursday Sept. 13th. 
If you’ve caught the Taiko bug and want to audition for our group, come to our audition workshops Sunday Sept. 16th and the following Tuesday Sept. 18th! Auditions will be Thursday Sept. 20th.
We look forward to seeing lots of you there! 
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